11 Human Psychology Tricks That Everyone Should Know


Understanding the nuances of human psychology can be a powerful tool in navigating our daily interactions more effectively. Whether it’s in personal relationships, business, or social settings, being aware of certain psychological tricks can help you communicate better, influence others, and understand underlying motivations.

Here are 11 psychology tricks that everyone should know to enhance their interpersonal skills and navigate social landscapes more adeptly.

1. The Power of Mirroring

Explanation: Mirroring is subtly mimicking the body language, speech patterns, or attitude of someone you’re conversing with. It builds rapport and makes the other person feel more at ease.

Application: In a conversation, try to adopt a similar posture or use similar expressions. This can create a sense of harmony and understanding.

2. The Door-In-The-Face Technique

Explanation: This involves making a large request that is likely to be refused, followed by a smaller, more reasonable request.

Application: Use this when negotiating or trying to persuade someone. The denial of the bigger request increases the likelihood of the smaller request being accepted.

3. Utilizing The Foot-In-The-Door Technique

Explanation: Contrary to the door-in-the-face, this technique starts with a small request, followed by a larger one.

Application: Start with something small to get a ‘yes,’ and then escalate to your actual larger request. People are more likely to agree once they’ve already said yes once.

4. The Benjamin Franklin Effect

Explanation: This psychological trick suggests that when someone does a favor for you, they are more likely to do another because they justify the first favor with positive feelings towards you.

Application: Ask for small favors from people to increase their affection or respect towards you.

5. The Halo Effect

Explanation: The halo effect is the tendency to let one positive trait of a person influence our overall perception of them.

Application: Make a strong, positive first impression to leverage this effect in social or professional interactions.

6. The Scarcity Principle

Explanation: People are motivated by the fear of loss; we place higher value on things that are scarce.

Application: Highlight the uniqueness or limited availability of what you offer (in business or personal scenarios) to make it more appealing.

7. Anchoring Bias

Explanation: This is the tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of information (the “anchor”) when making decisions.

Application: In negotiations, set the first number or condition to anchor the ensuing dialogue in your favor.

8. The Reciprocity Principle

Explanation: People feel obliged to return favors or gestures.

Application: Offer something, like a small gift or service, to someone before asking for something in return.

9. Social Proofing

Explanation: People tend to follow the actions of the masses, assuming that others’ actions reflect correct behavior.

Application: Use testimonials, crowd behavior, or popular opinion to influence individuals in your business or personal life.

10. The Paradox of Choice

Explanation: Offering too many choices can overwhelm and lead to decision paralysis.

Application: Limit options to a manageable number when you want someone to make a choice – whether it’s in a professional presentation or deciding on a dinner menu.

11. Building Empathy with Storytelling

Explanation: People are wired to connect with stories. Narratives with emotional content build empathy and understanding.

Application: Use storytelling to convey your message, be it in a presentation, a sales pitch, or in personal communication.


These 11 psychology tricks open the door to more effective communication and influence. They can help you navigate social situations with greater ease and understanding. However, it’s important to use these strategies ethically and responsibly.

Remember, the goal is not manipulation, but rather to foster more positive and productive interactions. By understanding these aspects of human psychology, you can enhance your interpersonal skills, strengthen your relationships, and improve your ability to communicate and influence in various aspects of life.

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