Angel Reese not with LSU for latest game after Kim Mulkey benching as drama continues


The situation surrounding LSU forward Angel Reese’s absence from recent games has been a topic of considerable interest and speculation.

Reese, who was named the Most Outstanding Player of the 2023 women’s NCAA tournament, was notably absent from LSU’s lineup in recent games.

This followed an incident where she was benched during the second half of LSU’s game against Kent State, leading to various theories about the reasons behind these decisions.

LSU coach Kim Mulkey has remained largely tight-lipped about the specifics of Reese’s absence. After the game against Southeastern Louisiana, Mulkey commented that Reese was “a part of this basketball team” and expressed hope for her return “sooner than later,” but refrained from providing further details.

Mulkey emphasized her role in protecting her players and likened dealing with team issues to handling family matters, suggesting a possible disciplinary element behind Reese’s benching. However, she did not explicitly confirm this.

Adding another layer to this situation, there has been some apparent social media tension between the mothers of Angel Reese and fellow LSU star Flau’jae Johnson, which has added to the drama surrounding the team.

The nature of these social media exchanges indicates some underlying conflicts, though it’s not clear how directly this relates to Reese’s absence from the games.

The absence of Reese, a key player for LSU, has undoubtedly raised questions among fans and followers of women’s college basketball. Her performance as a first-team All-American and her significant contributions to the team in the previous season make her absence even more notable.

The lack of clear information has led to various speculations about possible reasons, including potential disputes with the coach or other internal team issues.

While the exact details and reasons for Reese’s absence remain unclear, it’s evident that the situation is complex, involving both on-court performance and off-court dynamics.

The LSU women’s basketball team, under Mulkey’s guidance, continues to navigate through this challenging period, with the hope of resolving these issues and moving forward successfully.

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