Popular Party Hairstyles That Are Easy to Style


You’ve finally discovered the perfect clothing, shoes, and accessories. You’ve done your make-up and manicure, but your hair is simply blah! Your hair can make or ruin all of your planning and preparation for tonight’s celebration. We have you covered whether you like your hair down, relaxed, flowing, up, or even crimped! Here are some trendy and simple party hairstyles that will make you the belle of the event.

#1: Blowout 

Get that salon-fresh look right in your own bathroom with the Blowout style. Not only is this style versatile, working with all face shapes and hair types, but it also makes your mane irresistibly touchable. Use a conditioning sculpting foam to help your hair naturally follow the shape of your round brush. It will streamline your blow-drying process and leave you with an enviable bounce and shine that will make you the life of the party.

#2: Voluminous Braided Pony for Rave 

Looking to hit a rave or a festival? This voluminous braided ponytail is a showstopper. With the help of a matte paste, you can easily define sections of your hair for a cleaner, more organized braid. Finish your look with a good shine spray that ensures you sparkle under those strobe lights. It’s a hairstyle that’s both stylish and functional, allowing you to dance the night away.

#3: Dance Party Bob 

This tousled, jaw-length bob is the embodiment of effortless chic. Its textural dimensions and gentle, undone finish add an element of surprise to your blonde locks. This style offers a fashionable disarray that makes you look like you’ve spent hours getting ready when it only took minutes. It’s the epitome of a fuss-free yet fabulous look, perfect for any dance party.

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#4: Magnificent Curled Half Updo for Espresso Brown Hair 

Unleash your inner diva with this magnificent curled half-updo, specifically tailored for espresso brown hair. Not only does it accentuate the rich tones of your locks, but it also adds both movement and texture. This hairstyle is all about balancing allure and sophistication, giving you the kind of eye-catching glamour that makes a lasting impression.

#5: Eye-Catching Half Updo with Braided Chains 

Feel like royalty with this unique half-updo that features dainty braided chains. It offers more than just visual interest; it’s like wearing a crown made of your own hair. This hairstyle gives you a boost of confidence that lasts all night, making you feel empowered and ready to tackle any social situation that comes your way.

#6: Tight Curls 

For those who love a lively, spirited look, tight curls are your go-to. This style brings your multi-dimensional blonde to life in the most beautiful way. Opt for a haircut with layers and a length that grazes your shoulders to maximize your curl potential. This hairstyle is all about capturing the vibrancy and dynamism that a party demands.

#7: The Beachy Sided 

Who says you can’t bring the beach to the party? This beachy sided look is a ticket to paradise. The style radiates with voluminous waves, offering a laid-back yet captivating aura. The blonde hue complements this breezy style, making you look like you’ve just stepped out of a sun-drenched vacation.

#8: Diva Hair 

Step into the spotlight with this diva-inspired hairstyle featuring vibrant red curls. This look screams confidence and fun, ensuring you’re the center of attention wherever you go. The rich, fiery red color not only enhances the curl but also symbolizes the zest and passion that you bring to the party.

#9: Braided Side Bun 

Embrace elegance and simplicity with this braided side bun. Incorporating twists and textures, this bun is anything but basic. It’s the ideal way to make the most of your brunette locks, offering a classy yet understated appeal that works for any sophisticated gathering.

#10: Half Up Half Down 

The classic half-up, half-down look never goes out of style. The hairstyle brings out the flair in your long, blonde mane by featuring loose curls and waves. For added charm, consider a waterfall braid that gracefully accentuates the waves, creating a magical aesthetic that perfectly complements any special occasion.

#11: Mermaid Waves 

Flaunt your inner sea goddess with these ethereal mermaid waves. Enhanced by a beautiful balayage, shadow root, babylights, and highlights, this look offers a color blend so smooth, it’ll make heads turn. The long hair length optimizes the natural movement and flow of your tresses, making it an awe-inspiring choice for any event.

#12: Messy Waves 

If you’re in the mood to let your hair down, messy waves offer an effortlessly cool look. Featuring blonde streaks that provide subtle bursts of brightness, this style achieves a perfect balance between casual and chic. Opt for a shoulder-grazing length to create a sassy lob that’s tailor-made for a lively party atmosphere.

#13: Long Jet Black Curls for an Evening Out 

Turn up the heat with these sultry, long jet-black curls. This style is both sleek and sensual, making it perfect for an upscale evening event. Keep your locks in place by tucking them behind your ears and securing with pins and hairspray, leaving you free to dance and enjoy yourself without any hair-related concerns.

#14: Fishtail Braid 

Last-minute party invite? The side fishtail braid has got you covered. Ideal for long and dark hair, this style shines when texturized properly. Not only is it easy to create, but it’s also chic and sophisticated, adding a romantic touch to your overall look.

#15: Soft and Structured Vintage Waves 

Take a trip down memory lane with these soft and structured vintage waves. This retro-inspired look offers a timeless appeal that can make you the center of attention in any setting. Best suited for mid-length copper hair, these waves combine old-world elegance with modern flair to create a stunning visual masterpiece.

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