Ruby Franke, Former YouTube Parenting Advisor, Admits Guilt in Child Abuse Case


In a shocking turn of events, Ruby Franke, a well-known YouTube mom providing parenting advice through her channel “8 Passengers,” has pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated child abuse. The once-popular Utah mother of six stood before the court, shackled and somber, accepting responsibility for the harrowing mistreatment of two of her children.

The court proceedings unfolded as Ruby Franke admitted to attempting to convince her two youngest children that they were evil, possessed, and needed punishment to repent. The gravity of the situation weighed heavy in the courtroom as Franke acknowledged her guilt, expressing regret for the pain inflicted on her family.

The charges highlight a disturbing pattern of abuse, including claims that the children were subjected to torture, physical tasks, outdoor work without sufficient water, and repeated sunburns. Shockingly, the children were also isolated, denied proper meals, and subjected to various forms of restraint.

The plea agreement sheds light on the troubling influence of a relationship counselor, Jodi Hildebrandt, who allegedly led Franke down a distorted path of morality. Winward Law, who is Franke’s defense attorney, emphasizes that Franke initially sought out continuous improvement but fell prey to a devious manipulation of her quest for advancement.

As we await sentencing on February 20, it becomes crucial to acknowledge that Franke’s actions occurred under the influence of a counselor who exploited her pursuit of improvement. Winward Law’s statement highlights Franke’s devotion to constant improvement and contends that Hildebrandt took advantage of her noble quest.

The unfolding details expose a heart-wrenching saga of abuse, with Franke admitting to physically harming her children, using restraints, and even kicking her son while wearing boots. The abuse was masked as acts of love, a disturbing twist that adds a layer of psychological torment to an already tragic situation.

The Franke family, once known for their YouTube parenting channel, faced online criticism for controversial parenting decisions. Now, as Ruby Franke confronts the legal consequences of her actions, the focus shifts to the well-being of her children and the impact of her choices on their lives.

In a statement from Franke’s attorney during her incarceration, it is revealed that she has actively engaged in introspection, aiming to reset her moral compass. Franke is committed to taking responsibility for her part in the events leading up to her incarceration.

This dark chapter in Ruby Franke’s life serves as a stark reminder of the complexities behind seemingly curated online personas. As the legal proceedings continue, the broader conversation around the challenges of parenting in the digital age and the consequences of online exposure gains renewed attention.

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