Southwest Seat Hog Called Out: Don’t Be That Guy……or Gal!


In the competitive realm of airline travel, understanding and navigating seating policies is crucial for a seamless journey. At The Mama Miracle, we’ve curated an exhaustive guide to Southwest Airlines seating policies that goes beyond the surface, providing travelers with unparalleled insights.

The Anatomy of Southwest’s Seating System

Southwest Airlines, known for its unique boarding process, employs a boarding group and open seating system. Unlike traditional assigned seating, Southwest lets passengers choose their seats based on boarding group and availability. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this system.

Boarding Groups Decoded

Southwest divides passengers into boarding groups A, B, and C, each further segmented into numbered positions. Boarding position is determined by check-in time, emphasizing the importance of early check-in for optimal seat selection.

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Open Seating Dynamics

The open seating policy allows passengers to choose any available seat upon boarding. While this fosters flexibility, it’s essential to grasp the nuances of seating availability and strategize accordingly.

Mastering Early Check-In: A Game-Changer

For Southwest passengers, early check-in is a strategic move that can significantly impact seating choices. Understanding the check-in process and its correlation to boarding group and position is key to securing coveted spots.

The Importance of Timing

Early birds catch the worm, and in the case of Southwest seating, early check-in ensures a coveted position in boarding group A. Learn the optimal check-in window to maximize your chances of securing prime seating.

Check-In Hacks for the Win

Discover insider tips and tricks to enhance your check-in experience. From utilizing mobile apps to setting reminders, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of hacks to boost your chances of securing the best seat on the plane.

Navigating Special Seating Situations

Southwest Airlines accommodates various seating needs, from passengers with disabilities to those traveling with companions. Understanding the policies surrounding special seating situations ensures a comfortable and inclusive travel experience.

Accessibility Features

Explore Southwest’s commitment to accessibility, including priority pre-boarding for passengers with disabilities and accommodating seating arrangements to ensure a smooth journey for all.

Traveling with Companions

Whether you’re flying solo or with a group, our guide breaks down Southwest’s policies on seating together. Uncover strategies for ensuring your travel party sits side by side for a more enjoyable flight.

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What Was The Southwest Crew’s Reaction To The Seat Hog?

When we spoke with the Southwest crew, they told us that they will not say anything to a customer who is conserving seats, but that anyone who wants to sit there could. This method is simple enough for the staff to take.

Sure, it’s possible that it’s not Southwest’s policy to handle seat-saving. When they are witnessing someone save seats and lying to other passengers about the seats being full, it appears to be a bit of a cop-out. I was waiting for someone to challenge her and simply take the seats, but no one did.

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Do you see this on every flight, frequent Southwest travelers reading this rant? Was I just seeing a one-time seat hog putting her skills to the test and hoping no one would challenge her?

Let’s face it, Southwest’s open seating policy is intimidating and confusing enough without having to haggle with a fellow passenger who stares you in the eyes and tells you to keep going, these seats are taken!

Just don’t be that person, or gal in this situation. Put down your seat-saving games and instead play seat mate roulette on Southwest.


Mastering Southwest Airlines’ seating policies is a game-changer for any traveler. Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies outlined in our guide to ensure a smooth, stress-free, and comfortable journey with Southwest Airlines

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